Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Goals in Google Calendar

So, I know this isn't totally work related, but there's a great new feature that can help you to better manage your busy schedule.  It is called "Goals" and is a new part of Google calendar app on iphones and androids.  Using Goals, a user can add a goal and Google Calendar will help the user find the time and stick to the goals.  

To help you set up your Goals, Calendar will ask you a few questions and then help you find open time on your calendar to schedule it.  If you have a conflict come up with your Goal, it will automatically reschedule.  You can also defer a goal at any time. Goals are meant to learn how to help you keep your goals.  The more you use it - edit your goals, complete your goals, etc. Calendar will help find better times to schedule your goals in the future. 

Here's a quick animation from Google's announcement yesterday:

Head over to the Google update blog to learn more or simply open your calendar app and start setting your goals today!