Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Using videos for content with EdPuzzle

I found a great video online for my students but I want to keep them engaged while watching it.  What can I do?

I've heard this question from various teachers and it's one that has multiple answers.  EdPuzzle is a wonderful app and website that allows you to use a video found online and make it more interactive for your students. You can even upload your own videos.  

The app enables self-paced learning with interactive lessons by adding your voice and questions along with the video.  Not only can you add your own audio introduction, but you can also add questions at specific points in the video, along with trimming the video to the length you desire.  

Ed Puzzle adds an additional layer of accountability which allows the teacher to know if their students are watching the videos, how many times and see the answers they give.  

This certainly can be done using a google form, but Ed Puzzle makes it easier to have the questions basically become part of the video.  In addition, you can use videos from sites other than just YouTube, unlike inserting only a YouTube video in Forms.

Watch a quick preview below to see if it's something you're interested in.