Friday, July 1, 2016

Create appointment slots in Calendar

Do you prefer that your students sign up for your after school help sessions so you know who is coming?  Do you have a need to conference with your students or parents one on one?  The feature can even be used to set up meetings with students during class time to informally assess a project, checkpoints on a unit, and more.  

  • Viewers can see when you are available
  • Teacher has an automatic list of those signed up for appointments
  • Teacher can set up repeating appointment slots for recurring office hours or extra help sessions
  • No more back and forth email communication to find common meeting times

  • Teacher must share the link for their appointment calendar somewhere - webpage, email, etc.
  • Takes time on the front end to set up
  • Teacher needs to use a Google apps for education account (not available for other accounts)

Appointment Slot Instructions:

Google Calendar allows viewers to sign up for appointment slots that you can customize and set up.  The slots can be completely customized.  
Calendar creates a public link for others to sign up for the slots.
  • Click on a time slot on your calendar
  • Choose “Appointment slots” then get started
  • Enter the name of your appointment slot and adjust the type - single or slots of certain time lengths
  • Click and drag the appointment to adjust the start and finish overall
  • Click to edit the details - duration of all appointment slots
  • Add guests to your appointment slots
  • Add a location and even a detailed description
appointment slots.gif
  • Copy the link to your appointment page and post for others to book slots (this is the public view)
  • Booked slots appear in your calendar as an event with a grid in the upper corner and will no longer appear as available on your public page

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