Monday, July 11, 2016

Update on clickable images in Google Slides and Drawings

Update on Clickable Images in Google Slides and Drawings:
When I first posted this tutorial, I was unaware of a trick on using the web clipboard to copy and paste my Google Drawings into other apps without losing the interactive features.  Prior to this, I was forced to download them as a .jpeg or .png and they were just images, not interactive.  Thank you to +Robert McAllister for teaching me this tip!

Here are the steps on how to copy from the web clipboard.
  1. View your interactive image in Google Drawings. 
  2. Deselect all (CTRL-D or click outside of image)
  3. Edit >Web Clipboard >Copy Entire Drawing to Web Clipboard
  4. Open a presentation in Google Slides and click on a slide where you want to paste your image.
  5. Choose Edit >Web Clipboard > Drawing to paste your drawing
Note:  Any previous images copied to the web clipboard will also appear, so you will need to either clear the clipboard periodically or know which ones you want to paste.

Video animation of steps: