Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Using Google Forms as a beginning of the year tool

Using Google Forms as a Beginning of the Year Tool

It seems as though every year teachers struggle to learn tidbits about their new students such as how they like to learn, what study skills they need help with, and more.  

How often have you collected this information only to realize later that you cannot really make much sense of it all?  

Try using Google Forms to collect your student information instead and sort the information with Sheets.  

Using Forms can help you with the following:

  • The simple pie charts give you a quick snapshot of student answers.  
  • Collect user names automatically
  • Sheets allows you to sort the data based of various parameters or create filters to only see that data you're interested in at the time  For example: 
    • Sort by students that prefer auditory learning, visual learners, etc. 
    • Sort based on topics students struggle with
    • Sort based on test taking or study strengths for group work
How to sort in Sheets

  • Each column and row can be formatted to your liking, just as in docs.  You can also rearrange the data or SORT it based on various factors.  Don’t worry that the data will become jumbled, sheets is smart and will keep your data in line so it doesn’t get scrambled.  
  • To SORT a column of data


Sheets can filter the data so you only see the data that is important to you or so it can highlight the important data. For example, if you want to filter the data so that you only see the students who answered “small intestine” for question #2 then you could create a filter just for that.

  • In the menu, choose DATA >Filter.  You’ll notice the columns get highlighted and have an arrow next to it.