Friday, October 7, 2016

Updates in GSuite - Oct. 2016

Google Apps for Education has a new name!  It's now called G Suite.   Sweet.

All puns aside, the google apps for education suite has gotten a ton of new updates for this fall.  I'll list the newest ones here.  

However, don't forget that in each of the google apps, you can click the training icon to get tutorials for all of the features.

Docs Updates
  • Table of contents feature now includes page numbers for organization.
    • Great for those long documents
    • Perfect for year long meeting logs to jump to sections
    • Perfect for students creating a digital portfolio to jump to each section.
  • Explore feature- used for Docs, Slides, and Sheets 
    • Slides: assist in formatting
    • Docs:  replaces the former "research" tool - web citation has been removed :(  Please use one of the google docs add-ons or extensions to asssist with bibliographic citations, such as Easy Bib.
    • Sheets: helps to create formulas for you more easily
Google Classroom
  • Add topics to the stream at any time
    • You can list all of your topics ahead of time so that whenever you post something to the stream you can just choose your topic.  No need to create them on the fly.  
    • Topics allow you to sort or filter the stream based on topic.  Perfect for teachers and students attempting to locate materials.
  • New Android feature: 
  • New iOS features