Thursday, December 1, 2016

Stickers and badges via Flubaroo Grading?

Who doesn't love stickers and badges?

Did you know that Flubaroo recently released the ability to add stickers and badges in the graded assignments/assessments? 

There is a gallery of pre-made stickers or you can create your own.  

Once you grade your assessment, choose Share Grades.  In the pop-up window, choose Show Advanced Options the Setup Sticker.  In the pop-up window:

  • Check the box to include a sticker
  • Enter the student's percent score at or above which a sticker will be included.
  • Choose the sticker you'd like to send.
    Scroll left and right to find one you like, and then click it to select.
 If you want to upload your own stickers, click the link that asks Want to add more stickers? Click here.

To create your own stickers: 

Create a folder in Google Drive called: "Flubaroo - Stickers":

Set the permissions on the folder to "Anyone with the link can View", to ensure that stickers added to this folder will always work properly in Flubaroo.

Your images will show up now when you choose to add a sticker to an assignment.

When creating images for stickers & badges, use the following guidelines:
  • PNG or JPG format only
  • Image height: 100px to 200px (200px is ideal)
  • Image width: 100px to 300px
All images will be formatted to show as 200px high in emails and documents. So an image that already has a height of 200px is ideal to ensure the image looks its best.

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