Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gmail tutorial series

Everyone uses email, but many of us haven't necessarily learned all of the tricks for the various features offered.  This series will show you how to set up your email to run efficiently and save you time. 

There are 3 tutorials: configuring your inbox, settings and canned responses. 

Configuring your inbox
  • Categories allow Gmail to auto filter emails into primary, promotions, social and updates to save you time from moving messages around you might not want to read
  • Labels do just that - they allow you to label messages for categories you set up
  • Filters can automatically run tasks on messages based on parameters you set up - auto forward, delete, label, etc. 

  • Font can change your default font and style
  • Undo send will retrieve an email you sent for up to 30 seconds
  • Signature sets up your signature at the end of your email
  • Forwarding sends your emails to an alternate email address
  • Labs are experimental features that can enhance Gmail but can also disappear at any time and be glitchy  - a great lab are the canned responses (next tutorial)
  • Themes make Gmail look more visually appealing than the default

Canned Responses
Set up custom responses for emails that you send frequently such as "Thank you for your submission" or "I received your message and will respond within the next 24 hours."

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