Thursday, July 7, 2016

Random grouping using Choice Eliminator in Google Forms

Sometimes, group work can be tough to set students up randomly so they are not always with their friends or the same people.  If you use Google Forms for a Do Now, I have an easy way for you to randomly group your students that is also kind of fun.

The video shows you how to set up choice eliminator 2 which is an add-on for Google Forms.  The add-on allows you to set limits on how many responders can choose a particular option from a multiple choice question.  Once the limit has been reached, it will be removed from the question for future responders.  The add-on is typically used for eliminating choices when signing up for things such as extra help slots, parent meeting appointment times, and snacks for a party.  However, this tweak that I learned from a recent GAFE Summit showed us how to use it to randomly group participants based on their responses to the question.

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