Thursday, July 7, 2016

Interactive clickable images in Google Drawings and Slides

Update: I have now learned how to take images from Google Drawings and paste them without losing interactive features into Google Slides.  Learn Now...

Have you ever wanted to make an image into something interactive?  If you have heard of a hot spot created on an image it is a portion of the image that when the mouse is placed over it, can be clicked on to link to something else.  
For example, the image to the left is a food web that teaches students about feeding relationships in an ecosystem.  Often times, the students need to know more about the organisms - possibly where they are found, life span, etc.  If I could turn this image into something interactive for the students it would be so much more useful and engaging.   It would also keep my information neat and orderly.

You can easily create clickable images with Google Drawings and also even Google Slides.  Watch the video below to learn how.  

Please note:  the original video had an issue with the sound.  It should be fixed. So sorry!