Monday, October 16, 2017

Why interrupt your students when you can whisper?

Whisper by EdTech Team
Have you ever wanted to send a message to a student or group of students in class, but didn’t want to interrupt what they are doing shouting across the room?  Whisper instead!

The new chrome extension from EdTech Team allows you to send a message to an entire class or selected students using your google classroom class rosters.  Even if the students are not logged onto the computer, once they log into chrome, they will see a notification from you.  If they are logged in when you send the message, a small notification will appear on their screen.

Best of all, you don’t have to stop the entire class to call out a message!
Oh wait! There’s more!  

Whisper sends the teacher an email message with the details of the message so that you have a record of the message that was sent.  This is great for students that have a consistent habit of off task behavior. If you want to focus on the positive, you can send messages to keep track of good behavior too.
To install it in chrome:
  • Go to the chrome web store, search for whisper edtech team.  Or go to this link.
  • Install the extension.  Your students need to install it as well.
  • The extension icon looks like this.  
  • Click on the extension and follow the directions to login as a teacher and verify and allow it to use your google classroom rosters. Have your students click on the extension and login as a student.
To use it in class:
  • Log into your chrome browser.  Click on the extension in your menu bar.
  • A pop up window appears with your list of Google Classroom classes.
Sends an email to you with a copy of the message and who it was sent to for your records!