Thursday, March 17, 2016

Google Hangouts Update - Mar. 16, 2016

I know, another update from me about Google.  Yesterday, Google announced yet another update.  This time, it was to announce that it is increasing the number of people that can participate in a Google hangout from 15 to 25.  They have not announced any changes for the Hangouts on Air, which limits you to 10 people.  However, I would expect something in the near future. 

Google Hangouts allow you to have a video conference call on your computer or mobile device (using the hangouts app) with up to now 25 other people at the same time.  The Hangout is not recorded, but is a similar app to facetime from Apple.

Google Hangouts on Air allow up to 10 people to participate in the video call and also sharing their computer or mobile device screen with the others.  A Hangout on Air can also allow an unlimited number of people to view the conference call live but not interact with the main 10 people.  A Hangout on Air can also be streamed live, recorded and edited on YouTube and shared on a website for later viewing.

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